Social Impact

Mexican families and the growth of the country will require more energy, the ideal plan is that this energy will be coming from a mix of diverse and sustainable sources.

Mexico has a bias for wind energy on most if its territory. Wind projects that are already operarting are preventing the emission of 10.3 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere each year, contributing to meet international agreements against climate changes, achieving the sustainable development goals from the United Nations Organization.

Wind energy boosts social welfare through the creation of jobs during the construction stages for 2018-2024, the wind sector could create more than 35,000 permanent jobs through the boost of national manufaturing,strengthening the supply from local and the manufacture of national inputs such as shovels (blades), concrete towers and steel towers, among others.

According to AMDEE, the commitment of the wind sector in Mexico is a long-term and envisioning a more prosperous future in which more electricity that gives light to homes will allow more small businesses to grow.