Wind technology has become a fundamental element to meet elementary objectives that contribute to the welfare of Mexican society. One of these objectives is to satisfy the growing demand for electricity, with increasingly accessible and stable rates, to ensure the sovereignty and energy security of Mexico, and to contribute significantly to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The wind industry will conclude in 2019 with more than 6,000 MW of installed capacity, a result that will exceed that of 2018 when almost 1,000 MW was incorporated. The country's total wind capacity reached about 5,000 MW. Also, in the course of the current Federal Administration, between projects already identified and under development, we have the historical opportunity to triple the total installed capacity to reach 15,000 MW in 2018 and increase the capacity to 18 states of the country where wind power is generated by the year 2024.

If the projected growth is ongoing, the wind sector could contribute annually 16 billion pesos to the national GDP, creating 35 thousand high-level jobs by 2024 that will be especially attractive for young people, encouraging the national productive manufacturing and supply chains as well as the contribution to the reduction of 12.9 million tons of CO2, which support the fulfillment of the international agreements to which Mexico has committed.

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