Mexican Market

Mexico already occupies the 16th position in the world (according to Ramón Fiestas, President of GWEC) and 2nd in Latin America in wind potential, because of this it estimates that during the next six years the country will triple its total capacity in generating energy to create about 15 thousand MegaWatts (MW) in 18 states of the nation.

According to AMDEE, wind is one of the forms of energy with the lowest cost for electrification of Mexico, since the previous year, the country managed to place the price of this service worldwide as the cheapest, below of any other technology. Wind energy significantly reduces dependence on energy imports and promotes the rise of sustainable communities.

There is enough capacity for renewable projects in the process of interconnection to achieve the goals of clean generation and emission, however it is important that the expansion of the electricity grid can be achieved on time to evacuate this renewable capacity.

PRODESEN proposes additions of power generation in an indicative manner based on the optimization of the system. It also includes the baseline scenario additions of 28 GW of combined cycles of natural gas and 37 GW of clean technologies in the next 15 years to achieve a matrix of 58 GW in 2024. Wind and solar generation would represent 70% of the total additions of clean energy.

The indicated clean capacity additions imply a total investment of 60 billion USD between 2018 and 2032 (4 billion USD per year), which represents 67% of the investment in total of power generation during the period.

The indicated investments would increase GDP by 29 billion USD and generate +200,000 direct and indirect jobs over the next 15 years.

Additions in clean technologies would mitigate 54 million tons of CO2eq (MtCO2eq)by 2030, putting on a scenario in which the new demand was covered only with generation and additions based on combined cycle technology with natural gas. This would be 9 MtCO2eq below the unconditional mitigation targets of 63 MtCO2eq by 2030.

The indicated investments would increase the GDP by 29 billion USD and generate +200,000 direct and indirect jobs during the next 15 years which would come from different sectors.

Information based on the 2018-2032 Clean Energy Study in Mexico. See the full report here.